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Posted On : 16 Oct, 2023

Key of Species Identification or how to identify a species

Key of Species Identification:

we can categorize adults as Male, Female,  subadult, and juvenile also as per their activity time we can categorize them into some different groups are as:- Diurnal- the species that does the major movements during the day time, Nocturnal- the species do their major movements in the night time, Crepuscular- the species do their movements during both of the time, day and night.

           after the above mentioned we can also classify species by their lifestyle and feeding habits. the lifestyle of a species can be:- Arboreal- the species that live in trees, Terrestrial- the species that live on land rather than tree or water, Aquatic- the species lives in water, Fossorial- the species used to dig and make burrows, Aerial- the species capable to rais high in the air, Cave Dwelling- the species who live in caves or loves to live inside caves, through this living habit we can easily classify species in above mentioned categories, but sometimes some species can be same as per their living habit or lifestyle, then next feature which can help us to identify and differentiate between species is their Feeding Habit:- mainly a species can mainly categorized by 3 main feeding habits those are Herbivore, Carnivore, and Omnivore but to get a better idea and for better understanding, we classified them into one more is Insectivore.

            identification of a species can be done in several stages, some are mentioned above, but with above mentioned basic features we can classify them into some groups then we must classify them by their body features- 1) Height- average foot to shoulder while standing by four legs, 2) Length- entire body length of a species, Tail Length- if that species having tail then also their tail length can be varied from one to another, Weigth- the average weight of the species is also a big way to classify the species into subspecies.

          Still after mentioning all these classification methods we must have to say that this world is full of diversity and lots of similarities we can find between them which can confuse us also sometimes features of a subadult can be totally different from their adults, or male and female can be completely different especially w can notice this in term of insects, in those cases, we have to classify them by observing them closely for a long time or by their DNA analysis.


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